About Our STEM Program

By fostering a challenging learning environment , which promotes student potential, Hannan will provide opportunities for the students to meet ever increasing, challenging 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication.

Come see.... STEM in classrooms, our technology we produce, robotics, STEM Lab, garden, outdoor classroom, student-made aquaponics system, and all of our other great things going on at Hannan!

About Our Magnet Program

The curriculum for the "Program for Gifted and High Achieving Students" is anchored in the Georgia Standards of Excellence. However, realizing that meeting minimum competency in the GSE is not sufficient for able students, the curriculum has been differentiated to meet the needs of these students. The curriculum also meets the standards of the content area' National Standards Projects as well as the National Curriculum Standards for Gifted Education. The curriculum has been developed to provide both more rigor and complexity than is provided by the "regular" curriculum. The program also contains STEM instruction continuously to further those higher-level thinking skills. 

While teachers will use adopted textbooks as guides, supplementary units and resources have been selected that better meet interests and academic needs of talented learners.

Instructional resources used to teach the curriculum also demonstrate the use of key design features of curricular reform advocated by the National Standards Project. Thus, the curriculum for the Hannan Academy Program for Gifted and High Achieving Students employs the following emphases:

- meaning-based

- higher order thinking and reasoning

- intra-disciplinary and interdisciplinary connections


- habits of the mind

- inquiry-based learning and problem-solving

- new technologies as tools for the learning process

- learner outcomes of significance

- authentic assessment

- multicultural and global concerns

- multiple resources and materials

- substantive content

The curriculum is made more effective for gifted learners by ensuring these additional emphases:

- provisions for accelration and compacting of content

- advanced reading level of materials employed

- opportunites for students to developed advanced products and

- opportunites for independent learning based on student capacity and interest

- STEM curriculum 

Implementation of curriculum for the Hannan Magnet Academy Program for Gifted and High Achieving Students addresses the specific characteristics of talented learners and provides a flexible and supportive environment for learning.


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